Valentine Conversation Hearts Circuit Workout (Kids Optional)

Let’s talk crazy-fun for Valentine’s day with my Crazy (fun) Conversation Hearts Circuit.  You can do it on your own or encourage your little loved ones to join you! This festive routine combines both cardio and strength training.  The moves are named after the kitschy sayings on those little heart-shaped candies we all love so much, from the Love Bug Bounce to Soul Mate Squats. It’s the perfect way to be with your little one and get in a great workout at the same time!

Here are the rep counts and the video showing the exercises is below.

Warm Up: LOVE BUG Bounce – Spend 2-3 minutes here (Examples: Simulated jump rope, dance, jog or march in place, shuffle around)

SOUL MATE Squats: 20 reps with or without partner

PUPPLY LOVE Push Ups: 10-20 reps of push-ups to Downward Dog

LOVE YOU . . . LOVE ME Lunges: front lunge (to optional balance) to back lunge 8-12 reps on each leg

TEXT ME Tricep Dips: 10 reps of dips using one arm (or 20 reps if using both)

ANGEL Abs: Lift legs and arms up at the same time to hold.

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