Top 10 Baby Registry Must Haves

You wouldn’t believe how often I get messaged about my favorite baby registry picks . . . so finally after three babies I’ve create a list of my top 10 baby registry essentials.

By the way, for what it’s worth, I totally get why the baby registry process can be so overwhelming. I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, Landon (who just turned 8), and my mom and I went to Babies ‘R Us to register. She can tell you – I was so overwhelmed with blues and pinks, diapers, and all kinds of contraptions that I had no idea how to use or what they were for. I panicked big time. We were out of there in less than 10 minutes, and I proceeded to make my list on-line.

Three babies later I’ve realized you actually don’t need that much stuff. I’m not even really a true minimalist, but I still seriously recommend less stuff to start with. Having a new human in your house in itself is such a huge change. I highly suggest not also overwhelming your house (or your partner) with so much baby stuff that you can’t even find space for your own.

So here are 10 of the baby registry items I would definitely ask for:

Top 10 Baby Registry Must Haves

  1. Pack-n-Play: I’m a fan of the one by Graco that also has a changing table, but the Pack-n-Play is the perfect crib to have in your room until your baby is ready to move to his/her own. They are also great for travel.
  2. DockATot: If you find that you’re co-sleeping, I highly recommend the Dockatot. It’s the perfect size to fit between you and your partner and the bumpers protect the baby. I only co-slept with my younger two. I kind of accidentally co-slept with Liam, and pretty much purposefully co-slept with Kiera, so I was thankful that the Dockatot was available for her. I also found the Dockatot to be extremely easy to travel on a plane with. I could check it for free, it’s super light, and it comes with a travel bag too.
  3. Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360: With my older two, I never really wore them facing out, but you better believe #3 wanted to see what was going on at all times, so as soon as she was old enough, I was grateful to have been gifted the Ergobaby Omni 360 because babies can face all ways. By the way, at 20 months I can still fit her in it. No infant insert is required and it’s acknowledged as hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  4. Wub-a-nub: Kiera was never into pacifiers but the wub-a-nub saved my boys. I’m not a big believer in nipple confusion (based on my own experiences), so pacifiers don’t bother me (past a certain age). The wub-a-nub is a lifesaver when babies are little and can’t put a pacifier back in their own mouth. The wub-a-nub (or “wubbie” as my kids called it) is easy because they can hold on to the stuffed animal or it can just rest on their chest. They pretty much come in every animal imaginable. I give this to almost all of my friends as a baby gift.
  5. Nose Frida: This is going to sound completely disgusting if you’re a first-time parent, but I swear it’s a life-saver. When your littles can’t blow their nose themselves it’s the only thing I’ve found that really works. And no, you don’t actually suck their snot into your own mouth (It stops before it get there.). But I get it, my husband would make vomiting noises in the background whenever I tortured my kids with this contraption.
  6. Nuk Leaner Cups: I had a different no-spill cup with the boys that they don’t make anymore, but this is the one that I found worked best for Kiera. It was a super easy transition from bottles, and at 20-months she still uses it. I love it because as long as the lid is on tight, it never spills. It comes in different sizes and colors too. Also, buy a pack of two for sure because you will freak out if you lose one of these. They are game-changers!
  7. ZoLi Chubby Gummy Teether: Another awesome find that I discovered with baby #3 – teethers that babies can hold on to! I just stored them in my freezer and took them out whenever they needed relief.
  8. Inexpensive umbrella stroll: I’ve been a connoisseur of strollers over the years, and all the nice ones are pretty equally great, but having a cheap umbrella stroller that you don’t care that much about is an essential for me. I like to have one that I can easily throw in the back of my trunk, leave outside and not worry if someone is going to steal it, and maneuver around without worrying if I’m going to hit someone.  I’m currently obsessed with this Chicago Cubs umbrella stroller by Delta Children.
  9. Dapple Stain Remover: Babies and toddlers spill stuff everywhere – on themselves and on you. This stain remover is fragrance free and a safer alternative to some other conventional pre-treatment formulas.

10. Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Premium Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin: This is another brand that I only started using with Kiera, but I’ve found that they have been so amazing in avoiding diaper rashes.
I hope the list from this “been there, done that” mama helps you navigate the baby registery process. (If you’ve been there before too, please share your must-haves in the comments.) I know baby registry can be overwhelming, but once your baby arrives, you’ll be so glad you took the time to plan ahead. AND if you happen to be shopping for a new mom, maybe surprise her with one of these gifts.

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