To Bunk or Not To Bunk?

This might sound like a funny topic for a blog, but whenever I mention that the boys have bunk beds, I instantly get asked how it’s working out . . . and here’s my answer “for now.” (P.S. I had a leader of a mom’s group who always said to add “for now” onto anything associated with motherhood.)

To make a long story short, we bought Landon bunk beds right before Liam was born, and he always slept on the bottom. Once Kiera was born, even though she didn’t start sleeping in her own room until about a year after, Liam moved in with Landon (and Kiera took over Liam’s room). For reference, Landon was 7 and Liam was 4. The thing was rarely did either of them want to sleep on the top bunk, so they slept together on the bottom bunk for almost a year. On occasion, Liam would voluntarily go on the top bunk when they were annoying each other but not often. And yes, I said Liam (the younger one). Note the top bunk had a railing. I’m sure I have a pic somewhere but picture the bed below up on top (minus the trundle) with the railing on the back covering about 3/4 of the front as well.

Meanwhile, my husband had an office/man cave across the hall, which was a much bigger room. Landon/Liam and Kiera had “Jack and Jill” bedrooms. The bathroom they shared was always filthy, and I was already picturing Kiera having to deal with her brother’s pee on the seat and boy smells as she became a teenager.

Delta Children rug & chair.

My husband and I had been talking forever about switching out the boys and his office. Not only was the office a bigger room, but it had 2 closets and it’s own bathroom that the boys could make as disgusting as they wanted. Also, as the boys were getting bigger sharing a twin bed was becoming more challenging and in the office, there was space to take apart the bunk beds, so that each of the boys could sleep in their own bed. We talked about this for about 6 months, and the boys were really pumped about it, particularly because I had promised them we’d turn it into a Chicago Cubs themed room. So about 3 weeks ago when my husband was gone I hired handymen to move the furniture for me and made the switch. I won’t get into my husband’s reaction when he arrived home to see all of his stuff moved, but the boys were ecstatic, especially when I showed them the Cubs chair and rug that Delta Children had sent them.

So my answer regarding whether to bunk or not to bunk is to really make sure you know that one of your kids will sleep on top, and also to make sure you get a set that you can take apart in case it doesn’t work out.

Liam living his best life in the Delta Children Chicago Cubs chair.

What are your thoughts? Would you, or do you, bunk?

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