Cardio Modifications for Pregnancy & Post

Do you ever wonder if your neighbor, the psychologist, is diagnosingĀ you or if your friend, the nutritionist, is judging what you eat? Ā I would be willing to bet they are because when I see a pregnant woman working out, orĀ moreover, someone I know is in earlyĀ postnatal recovery, I’ll be honest, I can’t help but evaluate their choices. Ā It probably sounds crazyĀ to say, but itā€™s only because Iā€™m so passionate about what I do. Sometimes I canā€™t stop thinkingĀ about it!

As of late, I’ve actually been really impressed with theĀ prenatal exercise choicesĀ I’ve been seeing mommies-to-be make at they gym, however, what I’m more often concerned about is the lack of women who are taking postnatal recovery modifications. Ā Just because the baby is out of you doesn’t mean you are safe to jump back into a high intensity and/or high impact workout. If anything, the first few months following pregnancy should be a time to be extremely self-aware and careful, as to make sure your insides and your outsides heal correctly and completely. To be honest, it has a lot to do with why I created Expecting MOREĀ®: The 4th Trimester Workout. Time and time again, I’ve had women say to me that they aren’t sure what and when they should be making specific choices post-baby. Ā I totally understand, despite being a pre and postnatal exercise specialist, I felt very ignorant after I had my first son, Landon, when it came to how soon and how hard I could work out. Itā€™sĀ hard to make the right decisions when you no longer have a baby inside you.

One of the most commonly asked exercise questions I get from pregnant and postnatal women is in regards toĀ cardio options. Ā What can I do? How do I modify certain exercises? The biggest key is going to be to listen to your body. Ā If something doesnā€™t feel good on the inside, or it just feels like itā€™s not the right thing for you and/or your baby, then you need to change it. Ā Furthermore, if you look in the mirror and it just doesnā€™t look right (meaning the exercise isnā€™t working for you and is negatively affecting your form), then you also need to make a different choice. Ā So what do you do? Ā Iā€™m here to help. In this video I demonstrate some common cardio exercises and offer a variety of modifications you can use to keep working out in a safe and smart way during your pregnancy and after. Ā If you have any additional exercises youā€™d like to see modifications for, please leave a comment in the section below, and Iā€™ll add them to my next video.

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  1. Love this!! I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and these are just what I needed!! You rock! P.S. Loving my Expecting more workouts! Looking forward to doing the 4th Trimester in the fall!

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