Want a Better Booty?

Seriously, who doesn’t want a better booty? ¬†That’s the great (and the not so great) thing about booties . . . they can always get better. The only problem I’m finding is that as I get older, the more maintenance my booty needs. Hence, my creation of the Better Booty 14 Day Challenge.

In Santa Monica right now, it’s June gloom, but I know the 4th of July is almost here and that means lots of pool parties and beach time, so I thought what better time then now to get the booty ready. Plus, I figured I could get some of you to join me. ¬†Because unless you’re J.Lo,¬†you’re lying if you don’t want a better booty.

So, I promise this challenge is super simple to understand. ¬†It’s only 5 exercises. ¬†You do all 5 exercises on the right side, and then switch to the left. ¬†I recommend every other day starting on the left side instead. ¬†Begin with 14 reps of each exercise on Day 1 and add another rep each day. ¬†That means on Day 14 you will do 27 reps of each exercise.

Because all of the exercises are done on all fours (hands underneath shoulders and knees underneath hips), I have a few technique reminders, so that you can get the most out of the exercises and truly gain a better booty.

1.  Maintain a neutral spine.

Pull your navel to your spine (tighten your abs) and tuck your tailbone under just slightly¬†(so your back is not arched). You want to maintain a flat back throughout the exercise. ¬†The moment that you can no longer keep your core engaged (like holding your belly in), take a break. Sit back into Child’s Pose, and start back when you are ready. ¬†Remember these exercises are not timed, you just have to do them.



2. Push your shoulders down away from your ears.

Although the Better Booty exercises do not focus on your upper body, your shoulders are working to help stabilize the rest of your movements. If they (your shoulders) start to feel like they are on fire, and you can’t maintain the integrity of the exercise, come down to your forearms to continue, or take a break in Child’s Pose.

3.  Keep your hips square.

Think of your hip bones having headlights on them. ¬†Those headlights should shine straight down at the floor throughout the Better Booty exercises. This can be especially challenging during the Fire Hydrant Kick. I would highly recommend coming down to one forearm (the one that is opposite your moving leg) when needed.¬†If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be posting some exercise modifications throughout the challenge, so I’m sure I’ll be demonstrating this option at some point, as this is¬†something I find challenging.

4. Slow and steady wins the race.

This challenge is not about how fast you complete the exercises. It’s about completing the required reps each day with the best form possible. ¬†As mentioned a few times now, if you ever need a break, sit back into a Child’s Pose stretch. It will give your glutes (your booty) a nice quick stretch, and the rest of your muscles a rest, before getting back to your reps.

I wish you the best of luck! I recommend printing out the sheet I have here for you (You can save the JPG or download the PDF). You can check a box each day you complete the exercises and get closer to your goal. Please feel free to share on all social media channels. If you are doing this challenge along with me, June 15-28, 2015, I’ll be doing a few fun giveaways. The more you¬†tag @sarahaleyfit and #betterbootychallenge, the more chances you’ll have of winning one of these great prizes. ¬†If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and please share this with anyone you think might be interested in working towards a better booty!


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    1. Hi Lauren. You only have to do each exercise once, but it’s 14 reps of each exercise on one side before switching. Then you add a rep each day – make sense?

  1. I wish there was a video to show me that I’m doing these exercises correctly. I’m a lil confused on wagging my leg like a tail.

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