3 Ways To Improve Your Kegels

If you’re not familiar with kegels, including how and why you should be doing them, you’ll want to visit my previous blog post HERE.

This post addresses the next step – how to improve your kegels and work towards your strongest pelvic floor yet! Video is below with visuals.

1.Ā Consult a Pelvic Floor Specialist

Check with your doctor/midwife and see if you have a physical therapist in your area who focuses on women’s health or a pelvic floor therapist. By visiting someone locally, you’ll be able to get very hands-on feedback on your pelvic floor strength and if you’re executing your kegels properly.

2.Ā Ā Use an App (What??)

Yep, thereā€™s an app for everything. The Elvie app and device work cooperatively to help train your pelvic floor. The app will instruct you on how to kegel and the inserted device will report back to the app on how well you are doing. Itā€™s basically like a video game for kegels and it even allows you to see how well you are progressing over time.

3.Ā  Lelo Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads are weights for your vagina. Don’t judge until you try them. We weight lift using other muscles so why not? LOL But seriously, you insert the bead and kegel to keep it inside.Ā  I recommend you begin by trying it lying down and work up to a standing position.Ā As you get stronger you can challenge yourself by walking with the bead in, squatting, or even jumping.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and I can help you figure out which of the above is the best option fo you.

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