Sweat Like the Irish!

What? Sweat like a red-faced beer drinking Irish bloke? LOL That’s what you might picture when you picture the Irish but having grown up going to Irish festivals and entering Red-Haired Freckle Face contests (Yes, that really happened once. Thanks Mom.), I can tell you that those Irish steppers have some fierce bodies!

Yes, you’ll find a little variation on the Irish Jig in this workout (Don’t be scared.), but what you’ll mostly find are exercises that get your heart rate up very quickly! I actually created this workout when I was pregnant with Landon, hence my sister-in-law Maureen demonstrating the exercises in the video below. This year I finally created a downloadable PDF (click on the picture below) for you to print out or save to your phone. You can do this workout anywhere (no equipment needed). Share it with your friends and burn some calories before celebrating like the Irish!


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