What’s Your Halloween Mom Name?

We moms may be a bit old for trick or treating, so instead I created a “treat” just for you. Download this PDF or save the image below to find out what your Halloween Mom Name is. Please share in the comments. They make me laugh every time. Happy Halloween! From, Boney Mami Werewolf

Three Halloween Food Tricks

Halloween is a big deal at our house. Each year we add a few more decorations and a new Halloween book or two. The past year or so I’ve also found a few fun ways to add some Halloween tricks to lunch and snack time. Spooky Halloween Food Picks I like to slip in a…

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Top 5 Halloween Shows For Kids

Halloween is just days away and one of our favorite ways of getting pumped up as the holiday gets closer is with some traditional Halloween and¬†Halloween-themed shows. These are quickly becoming Halloween traditions at our house!               1.¬†Room on the Broom We still read the book version of this…

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The Best Halloween Books

Books are a big part of our holiday traditions. We have boxes of books for almost every holiday. I’m sure it’s because I grew up with a librarian and preschool teacher as my mother, but books are such a special part of my holiday memories. I hope my own kids feel the same way one…

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Healthy Homemade Halloween Treat

It can be a little TRICKY to find a healthy TREAT among the Halloween festivities. Here’s a sweet go-to for when you’re craving the hard-to-resist peanut butter cups. What you’ll need – 5 medjool dates – 5 tbsp. almond butter Directions – Cut the dates in half – Spoon 1/2 tbsp of almond butter into…

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The Halloween Countdown Chain

If your kids are anything like mine, they can’t wait for Halloween to be here. My three-year-old, Landon, knows that Halloween is October 31, but rather than having him ask me every day if it’s Halloween yet, we made The Halloween Countdown Chain.¬†¬†I thought I would share it with you, in case you need something…

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Shop & Save for Halloween!

Savvy Maura Hoff has an amazing tip this month that will help you save time and money this Halloween . . . We’ve all been so overwhelmed with the back-to-school season, that Halloween feels like it is creeping up on us! ¬†So if you live near a Goodwill or perhaps a Salvation Army location, my…

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