Shop & Save for Halloween!

Savvy Maura Hoff has an amazing tip this month that will help you save time and money this Halloween . . .

We’ve all been so overwhelmed with the back-to-school season, that Halloween feels like it is creeping up on us!  So if you live near a Goodwill or perhaps a Salvation Army location, my recommendation is to head over ASAP.  The beginning of September is when they put out their Halloween Costumes.  I picked up some great costumes just last week, including a Disney Frozen Anna costume for $9.99 and a knight’s cloak, as well as a beautiful black cauldron to decorate the house with. I’ll use some of the items immediately and save a few to give as fun gifts during Christmas.  The best costumes go quickly, so don’t wait – go NOW!



Maura Hoff is a wife and mother of two who lives in downtown Chicago in a “castle in the sky” (as her daughter calls their condo). After moving back to Chicago from northern California, she is trying to incorporate what she learned from CA moms into an urban Midwest environment. She spends her time exploring all that the city has to offer, while also inspiring her children to have a deep love of the outdoors.

2 thoughts on “Shop & Save for Halloween!

  1. Gosh… too bad it’s already October. All I see now are generic, limp (really, the fabrics they use are limp, even for princess skirts), ready-made costumes.

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