The Halloween Countdown Chain

If your kids are anything like mine, they can’t wait for Halloween to be here. My three-year-old, Landon, knows that Halloween is October 31, but rather than having him ask me every day if it’s Halloween yet, we made The Halloween Countdown Chain.Ā Ā I thought I would share it with you, in case you need something to get yourself through the rest of October.

How To:Ā You’ll needĀ orange, white & black construction paper, scissors, and a stapler. Ā Cut 31 strips of paper (or however many days you have left in October), alternating orange, white, black. Make a loop with each piece of paper & staple it together. Loop your next piece of paper through to make the chain, staple it, and continue like so.

We hung ours with some tape in the kitchen right by the fridge. At breakfast, we rip one off and count how many days are left (great practiceĀ counting for your little ones). If you have any great Halloween craft ideas or questions, please share in the comment section below. Happy Halloween and happy counting!


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