2 Yogis You Should Know Plus an Amazing Giveaway

This is the first week of my giveaway: THINGS I Love by PEOPLE I LOVE, and I’m so excited to introduce two of my favorite yogis to you. I could really go on and on about these two women, but instead I’ll share with you my top 3 reasons I love them to pieces.

  1. They are REAL MOMS balancing WHAT They Love with WHO They Love . Both women not only have children of their own but they also continue to pursue their own passions and interests.
  2. They are dedicated to helping other moms. Besides yoga for everyone, both women also have prenatal & postnatal workout DVDs to help women continue their practices throughout pregnancy. I love their DVDs because they are the perfect compliment to my Expecting MORE® workouts.
  3. They are gentle, giving, and honest women. I don’t know if it’s the yoga, but these moms are the type of women who you’d want as your doula. They pour their hearts and souls into all that they do, and they are for real . . . nothing but pure goodness.

So are you dying to meet them? Introducing, if you don’t know them already . . . Kristin McGee and Desi Bartlett, a little bit about them, WHAT they love, WHO they love, and how they balance it all.

Kristin with son Timothy
Kristin McGee

I’ve known Kristin since my New York City days. We met teaching back to back classes at an intimate studio in NYC called Clay. We clicked right away and have stayed in touch over the years. Kristin’s focus is in yoga and pilates and has even privately trained some pretty famous mamas, like Tina Fey and Bethenny Frankel. She’s been on the cover of Pilates Style a gagillion times and is a go-to pilates and yoga expert for most of the fitness magazines you know. You can read more about Kristin and get her free 30 minute beginner yoga flow video HERE. And if you want some yoga inspiration or just some adorable pics of her son Timothy, check out her Instagram account @kristinmcgee.


WHAT Kristin loves: Teaching and practicing yoga

WHO Kristin loves: My son Timothy!

Kristin’s best ways to balance WHAT she loves with WHO she loves:  I make sure to only work part time now, and I often involve Timothy in my meetings and events. I even ask companies to let him travel with me when I have big opportunities. 

Desi Bartlett
Desi Bartlett

As for Desi, we just became friends over the past year; we both live in the Los Angeles area. The pre/postnatal industry isn’t that big, as I’m sure you can imagine, and we officially met on a job for Fit Pregnancy last year. Though her specialty is yoga and mine is cardio and strength training, our beliefs and practices are so similar, and we immediately connected. Desi is brilliant at what she does and offers the most sought after prenatal and Mommy & Me yoga classes in Santa Monica at Yoga Works. She also has an extensive personal training clientele, like mama Alicia Silverstone. She calls her training philosophy MILF (Mothers Into Living Fit), and just like Kristin, her Instagram @mothersintolivingfit has lots of inspiration and family pics (Desi has two boys).

Desi and her boys
Desi and her boys

WHAT Desi loves: I am passionate about working with moms and sharing the joy of movement each and every day.

WHO Desi loves: My family and friends. Each night before bed, my boys and I share a prayer of gratitude that always begins with thankfulness for each other and all of the amazing people in our lives.

Desi’s best ways to balance WHAT she loves with WHO she loves: I enjoy exercise. I enjoy it 100% more with friends. Inviting friends to Yoga, the gym, Zumba class, or simply for a walk with strollers (and munchkins) creates time to connect. My kids love movement classes too and it is great to see them embodying a healthy lifestyle by connecting fitness and friendship.

Both Kristin and Desi have a collection of different Yoga workout DVDs available, and they have both been gracious enough to donate a DVD to my THINGS I Love by PEOPLE I Love giveaway. Yay!  Go HERE to enter by 11 pm PST Sunday, February 7, 2016. (Go now because I know you will forget with the Super Bowl this weekend). The winner will be announced on Monday and will get to choose a DVD from each of their collections. Yes, you walk away with TWO new Yoga DVDs! Big thanks to both Kristin and Desi for sharing the love. I hope you will too by sharing this post with a friend.

In case you don’t win this time, remember I’m doing a giveaway each week in February.

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