5 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

I LOVE hot water. Yes, it’s true. And despite not really being a coffee drinker, I really love hot drinks period – pretty much anything but coffee – tea, hot chocolate, chai lattes, matcha lattes, and the occasional latte latte (still haven’t graduated to straight up coffee). So, when my goal this year was to drink more water (without adding extra calories), and it was “freezing” in Los Angeles, hot water became my new best friend. And sure, sometimes I even add lemon or a bit of ginger, but honestly, I mostly just fill up my Yeti mug and drink plain hot water throughout the day.

So I’ve been asked on social media lately, “Why the hot water, Sara?” And if I’m really being honest, it’s because I just like it, and it’s one more way to keep myself better hydrated throughout the day. But then, I thought I’d do a little research for both of us on the benefits of drinking hot water. (I knew there had to be some good reasons I love it.)

  1. Improves Circulation: The warmth from the water is like a warm bath and aids in expanding your arteries for optimal blood flow. Ultimately, this means your body will be warmer (and if you’re genetically not as warm-blooded, like me, this is everything!). Better circulation also improves dry skin, nail strength, and hair growth.
  2. Soothes a Sore Throat & Relieves Congestion: The steam coming from hot water helps loosen clogged sinus and the warmth feels so good when your throat is aching, so definitely give this a try next time you’re under the weather.
  3. Relief for Abdominal Cramps: Think of hot water as a heating pad on the inside. The warmth can calm and soothe the abdominal muscles causing them to contract more gently. So, yes, drinking warm water during that time of the month could help you! Expecting moms, I wonder if drinking hot water might even help during labor?
  4. Calms the Nerves: There is a reason people drink tea or warm milk before bed… the warmth is calming. But you don’t need tea or milk because similar calming can come from plain hot water. Feeling anxious throughout the day? Try some hot water! (Who knows? This might be the real reason I’m enjoying it so much.)
  5. Keeps You Hydrated: Duh. I know you know this, and I pretty much said this before but it’s worth noting again. The benefits of good hydration cannot be diminished. I know how hard it can be to stay hydrated throughout our busy days, so if you add a cup of hot water in the morning and at night, you are that much closer to hitting your goals.

So have I convinced you to jump on the hot water train? I’d love to hear in the comments whether it is part of your routine or if it never even crossed your mind.

P.S. I also love my new cordless electric tea kettle, so I can quickly fill my cup all day long.

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