I Love Me Some Stirrups

I think I wore stirrup pants everyday in third grade, so it’s no wonder I love Vimmia Active’s Compression Stirrup Leggings.Ā  If you’re looking for something that’s going to hold you in tight and feel good on your skin, they are definitely worth checking out. I rarely wear anything but a capri, when I workout, because I hate when it looks like I have floods on or if the pant leg doesn’t stay down while I’m exercising. The stirrups definitely help with that (not hiking up) and the leg warmer look adds a funĀ touch and keeps your calves warm in the fall and winter weather. Attention runners, there is a zipped pocket in the center back waistband to hold your key and/or ID.

Big thanks to Vimmia, who sent me the pants soon after I had Liam (my second son). Ā I was so happy to receive them because they were perfectĀ for really holding my extra skin in. The nice thing is I’m down a size or few and they still fit. So for whatever it’s worth (in case you are interested in how their sizing is), I’m usually an extra small in a lot of brands, especially when it comes to a legging, but these pants are a size small and fit great! No hemming needed (again, the stirrup helps with that).

So make sure you check out Vimmia Active. Here’s a pic of me wearing them in my recent postnatal workout DVD shoot. I think Vimmia isĀ definitely one of the upcoming fashion brands in fitness! Ā Agree or disagree?JSDS1088



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  1. I effing LOVE stirrups!! tights. leggings. pants. whatevs. Love them!! Too many hours in ballet class or dance team? Maybe. Who cares!! Leggings and Keds rule me! Loved your blog!! Thanks for exposing us!! xoxo Andrea

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