I Hate Being a “Nagging Mom”

Cartoon by Amy Belonio

Ugh… Please tell me you’ve been there.  I absolutely hate being a “nagging mom,” and as Landon approached 4 years old, I felt like I was being that annoying woman all the time. The funny thing is he hit 4 almost two weeks ago, and I swear it’s subsided some (not sure if I mean him or me). One of the preschool teachers at Landon’s school actually told me that might happen – that the few months leading up to 4 they seem to fight more for independence and when they turn 4, something just changes.  These teachers really seem to…

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A Few of My Favorite Things . . . about Landon


On Saturday, March 21, 2015 I will officially be the mother of a four-year-old. I have no idea how this happened, or rather, how this happened so fast.  Though sadly, it means I’m also 4 years older, ironically, this amazing human being has made me feel younger in so many ways. Perhaps it’s because I’m happier than I’ve ever been, or perhaps it’s because having your own children often reminds us of what it’s like to be a kid again.  Whichever it is, I’m so excited to watch Mr. Landon John Broihier continue to mature and grow. I absolutely love the adventure he is taking…

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Who Motivates You?

Landon & Sean sk

We went to Big Bear Mountain this weekend.  Yes, there was barely any snow on the ground.  Yes, it was 60 degrees.  Yes, it was kind of icy, sloppy, and muddy.  But you know what?  It was so much fun because I got to watch my three-year-old, Landon, learn to ski. I didn’t grow up skiing. In fact, I had never skied until my husband, Sean, forced me to go when we lived on the east coast. He grew up skiing, so it comes easy to him; he’s awesome at it, and he loves it. Let’s just say, when it…

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Love Your Mommy Tummy


No, I’m not pregnant . . . but I’d understand why you might think that from the pic. My hands in a heart around my belly button represent not a baby currently inside but rather, where my babies came from. It’s the part of my body that I’m learning to love the most because it’s, let’s be honest, been through hell and back . . . twice now.  Valentine’s Day reminds us to tell those who mean most to us “I love you,” so I’m embracing my belly that is forever changed, and trying to say “I love you too.”  That’s what…

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Conversation Hearts


Let’s talk crazy-fun for Valentine’s day with my Crazy (fun) Conversation Hearts Circuit.  You can do it on your own or encourage your little loved ones to join you! This festive routine combines both cardio and strength training.  The moves are named after the kitschy sayings on those little heart-shaped candies we all love so much, from the Love Bug Bounce to Soul Mate Squats. It’s the perfect way to share WHAT you love with WHO you love – and get in a great workout at the same time! Warm Up: LOVE BUG Bounce – Spend 2-3 minutes here (Examples: Simulated jump rope, dance,…

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Even Mommies Make Mistakes

Photo on 1-29-15 at 9.54 PM

My almost 4-year-old, Landon, and I read this book once about how “even Mommies make mistakes.” Landon thought it was hilarious and now loves calling me out when I make a mistake. “Mommy, remember that time you made a mistake, and forgot to buckle me in?” “Yes, Landon, but that’s not really funny. It’s actually dangerous.” Luckily, he now reminds me, if I happen to forget, before I start driving away. And yes, that only started happening since Liam arrived. Don’t judge. So that leads into my most recent mistake: forgetting about Day 29 & 30 in my 30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge. In…

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Grooves To Move You

Keep your stamina going strong as you make your way to the next reward with a playlist of songs that move you! These are the tunes that help me push through those tough intervals and keep my heart pumping. Pin it and share it with your friends!  

How To Increase Your Milk Supply & Hydrate Better

A few months ago, when I was traveling to Chicago, I experienced a nursing mom’s worst nightmare – the dreaded decrease in milk supply!  Of course, I freaked out!  You can read all about that experience and what I did to increase my milk supply in my post Guzzle Some Water & Chug a Beer.  Today, I want to share with you the water that I have found truly hydrates me better and keeps my milk supply at a steady flow.  It’s called Essentia, and it’s an alkaline 9.5 pH water with added electrolytes. Before I tried Essentia, I didn’t really…

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30 Day #SayNoToCrunches – Week 4

30DayNoCrunches_Sara Haley_Week 4

Dun, dun,dun . . . Here it is: the final week of the 30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge! This final week is called “Finish on Your Forearms,” and I’m guessing it will probably feel like the hardest week yet. But have no fear!  Just remember to take breaks when you need to, but DO NOT give up now . . . you are so close!  Rest between exercises and roll your shoulders back and around like I demonstrate in this video from Week 2.  If you miss a day, make it up (read here on the best way to make up a missed day),…

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30 Day #SayNoToCrunches – Week 3

30DayNoCrunches_Sara Haley_Week 3

I can’t believe that we are officially half way through the 30 Day #SayNoToCrunches Challenge!  I don’t know about you, but Week 2 truly proved to be a challenge.  Between a crazy weekend and my kids getting sick this week, fitting it in was definitely a struggle for me. I missed one day over the weekend, so I felt like I had to make it up.  In case this happens to you, you can either not worry about it and just start back in the next day, or here’s what I did.  For instance, I if I missed Day 3,…

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