Sara’s At-Home Spa Water Recipe

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I love going to the spa or checking into a luxurious hotel and seeing their beautiful water on display with all sorts of fruits and/or vegetables. More than that, it tastes amazing.  Here’s the good news . . . it’s easier to make than it looks!   You can continue to refresh the water as it runs out up to 48 hours. So next time you’re entertaining or just want to make your home feel like a spa, whip some up! If you’ve made your own spa water before and have some other ingredients you feel really make it special, please share…

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Guzzle Some Water & Chug a Beer 


So it sounds like a joke but I’m actually not kidding . . . Since it’s still August (National Breastfeeding Awareness Month), I’m sharing a recent experience and SOLUTION that I just had.  When I was nursing Landon, my oldest, I never once in 13 months experienced a lack of milk supply, so as you can imagine, when I traveled to Chicago about two weeks ago, I freaked out when I felt like my milk supply was decreasing, especially since Liam is only 11 weeks old!  First of all, for any of you who have experienced this or are worried about experiencing…

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‘Til I See You Again Challenge . . . Will You Join Us?


Meet Matt Kahrs.  He trains me sometimes.  Matt is crazy . . . crazy in a admirable way. He’s always challenging himself, and I don’t mean in the “How many more clients can I train?” way.  I mean he is always personally challenging himself to do something new or something better, whether it’s going on a yoga retreat (when he had never really practiced yoga), doing a pull-up challenge or taking an insane Kettlebell SFG Strong First certification. He not only does it because it makes him a better trainer but because it makes him a better and ultimately, a happier…

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I Love Boobs!


I mean seriously, who doesn’t?  Men love boobs . . . women love boobs . . . and  most of all, babies love boobs. After all, they were made just for them, right?  Before having my first son, I hadn’t had “big boobs” since I was ten.  What?  Let me clarify . . . I went through puberty before most of my friends, so at the time, I had what was considered “big boobs.”  I actually remember coming home from school and crying to my mom because I thought that my boobs would just keep growing as I got older.…

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Holy Deliciousness!


Anyone who’s eaten at my house knows that I’m addicted to my crockpot. I haven’t tried too many breakfast recipes in the crockpot, but the ones I have tried you can cook overnight (AMAZING!).  Who doesn’t love waking up to the scrumptious smell of breakfast hot and ready to go? Plus, it just saves you a ton of time in the morning, whether you’re rushing your kids, or yourself, out the door. So when I googled breakfast crockpot recipes earlier this week, I found this intriguing list from I love me some oatmeal, and so do my boys, but the recipe…

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The Banana Green Mashup . . . for All Ages


Keeping my kid(s) occupied, while making breakfast in the morning, can be a challenge to balance, especially when Mommy isn’t really awake yet. Yes, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to let him watch an episode of Sponge Bob while I get organized, but at least in my house, starting the day off with TV can potentially set us up for a disasterous day. The best option I’ve found, to avoiding early morning breakdowns, is to get my son involved in the breakfast making, and I’ve found that one of the easiest things to make, with kids is smoothies.  They get to throw all the ingredients…

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I’m a Sucker for Snuggling


“Mama, will you snuggle with me?” Yes, this is what Landon, my 3-year-old, said to me, as I started to walk out the door the other night, in my attempt to go back to hot yoga after a year and a half break (Hot Yoga is the one thing I do not do, even when trying to get pregnant.). Maybe I should have stuck to my guns and taken the hour to myself – burned some calories, mediated, and worked on losing my post-baby weight, but when I heard his little voice behind me wanting me to snuggle up and…

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And Now the Work Begins . . .


Ugh . . . so I’m officially pronouncing it “time to lose the baby weight.” I’ve been cleared by my OBGYN. I’m starting to get used to the new balancing act of two kids. I’ve enjoyed enough of my favorite cheat foods.  But now Mama is ready to get back to feeling strong and fit and ultimately, fitting back in my own clothes again.  I’ll be honest though, I’m no more of a fan of doing this than any other postnatal woman – mostly because it takes time away from my kids, not to mention it requires a lot of willpower…

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My Beach Day Essentials


For me, going to the beach is a perfect way to balance WHAT I love with WHO I love . . . being outdoors with the sunshine on my face while I hang with family and friends.  Do I dare say perfection?!  It’s absolutely one of my favorite things about living in Santa Monica – being so close to the beach!  My husband and our 3 year old son, Landon, love building sand castles and jumping in the waves, while I’m content keeping our newborn, Liam, out of the sun and under a beach umbrella. I hope you, too, find as much joy…

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