Sometimes I Cry . . . and I Don’t Know Why


So I actually started writing this blog a few months ago, around mid July.  I was about six weeks postpartum and yes, as many new moms do, I felt like I was crying ALL the time.  I would just start crying randomly.  Not that I don’t ever do that now (I’m an emotional person as it is, so it even happened before I was a mom), but this was a lot more than usual. Of course, I had completely forgotten, as we do with many things from our first pregnancies, the fact that this also happened after I had my first son.…

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The Best Breast Cancer Prevention Foods


Meet fellow blogger, Susan Messenger.  Susan and I met on Instagram admiring each other’s progress in our postnatal journeys with Baby #2.  Susan is a Registered Dietician, so with this month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I invited Susan to share her suggestions on the best foods to eat in hopes of preventing  breast cancer. As a dietitian, I know a thing or two about healthy eating, but as a mom of two little ones, I also know healthy eating can sometimes be tough. I just had my second baby girl this past May. I remember there were days (mostly…

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Skin, Skin, Go Away . . .


So Liam turns 4 months today . . . that means he’s due for another round of vaccinations, and I’m due for a postnatal update. My work is definitely not done yet, but I do have good news:  I have several pairs of pre-pregnancy pants that I can pull up and actually button!  Whoohoo! I don’t know numbers.  I have yet to get on a scale since the 2 month mark.  My goal has simply been to be able to feel comfortable in my pre-pregnancy clothes again, and that has slowly but surely happened.  Does everything fit yet or look great?  No, definitely…

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Shop & Save for Halloween!


Savvy Maura Hoff has an amazing tip this month that will help you save time and money this Halloween . . . We’ve all been so overwhelmed with the back-to-school season, that Halloween feels like it is creeping up on us!  So if you live near a Goodwill or perhaps a Salvation Army location, my recommendation is to head over ASAP.  The beginning of September is when they put out their Halloween Costumes.  I picked up some great costumes just last week, including a Disney Frozen Anna costume for $9.99 and a knight’s cloak, as well as a beautiful black…

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Super Easy (and Delicious) Guacamole


Happy Guacamole Day!  It seems like everything has it’s own special day now, doesn’t it?  So why not, guacamole?  It’s super delicious, super nutritious, and super easy to make! My 3-year-old LOVES guacamole, as long as there are no tomatoes in it, which means guacamole at restaurants is not always his favorite. As a result, we make our own at home, which is pretty fun for kids as well! So on this day of celebration for guacomole, here is our Super Easy Guacomole recipe: Ingredients: 2 avocados pitted, sliced & mashed 1 lime juiced Salt & pepper to taste Method: Mash…

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Mission Accomplished: Feeling Stronger Than Ever


We did it!  That’s right – I met my goal of doing 25 Burpees a day for 30 days. I’m not going to lie – it was definitely a challenge, but hey, that’s why Matt and I called it the “Til I See You Again CHALLENGE.” It’s funny how much a little challenge like this can teach you a lot about yourself – what your needs are, what motivates you, and what your strengths and weaknesses might be. So here’s a little feedback from Matt and myself, on what this challenge taught the two of us and what it might teach…

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I Live in a Bubble . . . 

Home in a Bubble.

My bubble is called Santa Monica.  Maybe you know it? I love where I live.  I really do.  In Januray, I’ll have been in Santa Monica for four years (How did that happen?). I moved here right before I had Landon.  Yes, I was 8 months pregnant.  I have a theme going on of doing crazy things while I’m pregnant.  LOL Anyways, the reason I bring “my bubble” up is because I’ve been back in Chicago for a few weeks now. I’ve been staying in both the suburbs of Downers Grove and Naperville, where my parents and in-laws live, as…

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Sara’s At-Home Spa Water Recipe

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.08.40 PM

I love going to the spa or checking into a luxurious hotel and seeing their beautiful water on display with all sorts of fruits and/or vegetables. More than that, it tastes amazing.  Here’s the good news . . . it’s easier to make than it looks!   You can continue to refresh the water as it runs out up to 48 hours. So next time you’re entertaining or just want to make your home feel like a spa, whip some up! If you’ve made your own spa water before and have some other ingredients you feel really make it special, please share…

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Guzzle Some Water & Chug a Beer 


So it sounds like a joke but I’m actually not kidding . . . Since it’s still August (National Breastfeeding Awareness Month), I’m sharing a recent experience and SOLUTION that I just had.  When I was nursing Landon, my oldest, I never once in 13 months experienced a lack of milk supply, so as you can imagine, when I traveled to Chicago about two weeks ago, I freaked out when I felt like my milk supply was decreasing, especially since Liam is only 11 weeks old!  First of all, for any of you who have experienced this or are worried about experiencing…

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‘Til I See You Again Challenge . . . Will You Join Us?


Meet Matt Kahrs.  He trains me sometimes.  Matt is crazy . . . crazy in a admirable way. He’s always challenging himself, and I don’t mean in the “How many more clients can I train?” way.  I mean he is always personally challenging himself to do something new or something better, whether it’s going on a yoga retreat (when he had never really practiced yoga), doing a pull-up challenge or taking an insane Kettlebell SFG Strong First certification. He not only does it because it makes him a better trainer but because it makes him a better and ultimately, a happier…

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