The Top 5 Biggest Postpartum Exercise Mistakes

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So this post is about the biggest mistakes I see and/or hear about from women in their postnatal exercise routines.  Coincidentally (yeah,right), today is also the official launch date of my new postnatal workout DVD Expecting MORE®: The 4th Trimester Workout. I’m so excited because the workout program is the first of it’s kind – an all inclusive postnatal training program. It offers 3 cardio workouts, 3 core classes, a strength and toning workout, and a stretch routine, as well as a calendar to help you pace yourself appropriately. It gives you everything you CAN and SHOULD be doing post-baby.…

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Stretches for Busy People


The more kids I have . . . the busier life becomes . . . and the less time I have for workout, let alone a stretch routine. That’s why I’ve found that sometimes the best time to fit in some stretches is right before I go to bed.  I first started doing this when I was pregnant because the bed was a great way to stretch and still allow room for my growing belly. That said, these are not pregnancy specific stretches. These are stretches I do all the time . . . sometimes in the morning, mostly at night…

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$1K Giveaway!


I am excited to announce that I have partnered with For Two Fitness for an amazing post-Mother’s Day Giveaway. You may remember that I rocked For Two Fitness attire during both pregnancies (like when we announced my pregnancy with Liam in the featured pic) – their tanks are some of my favorites with their fun “For Two” sayings. The Grand Prize winner will receive a great Mother’s Day prize pack valued at more than $1,000 and includes fantastic products from great brands for all facets of your fit mom lifestyle! Here are more details about the grand prize – everything…

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Don’t Waste My Time! (Mommy Meltdown)

Cartoon by Amy Belonio

I know this Mommy Meltdown is going to sound so trivial and selfish, but as a mom (or maybe I was always like this), my time, especially time to myself, feels so precious. If I go do something alone I want it to be worth it . . . fulfilling . . . relaxing . . . fun.  Well, this Vlog is a little rant about one of those times, that I tried to do that, and it definitely didn’t work out as planned. I’m pretty proud of myself that I actually did something about it though. Take a peek and…

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Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves


I think half of the conversations I have with other moms are about “must-haves,” the things we think we can’t live without and must share.  I love these “mom talks” because I always learn about something new that will make my life easier (or more fun) in some way.  That’s why I’ve created a new segment on my WHAT You Love WHO You Love web series called Friday Favorites.  The first Friday of every month I’ll be sharing some of my “must-haves,” in hopes that you, in turn, will also share yours. So this month, I’m sharing my Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves.  It’s…

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Get Better Abs (without actually having to exercise)


Okay, seriously, who doesn’t want better abs?  I think we all do, but particularly those of us who have had a baby (babies). And that’s just the superficial part. What’s even more important is the need for a stronger core, especially when you are a mom. Not only did pregnancy most likely weaken your core, but now you need an even stronger one for lifting your children and everything else that comes along with them (strollers, car seats, bags and bags of stuff). The problem is that even if we do have time for a workout, we may not have the…

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Talking Body Image After Baby with a Pussycat Doll


I’m so excited for you to watch this episode of my mommy WHAT You Love WHO You Love interviews.  I was lucky enough to sit down with former Pussycat Doll, Carmit Bachar. You probably know her, as I did, as the “redhead” from the hot & spicy girl group.  Well, the Pussycat Dolls may be over, but Carmit is here to stay. TV personality, host, entertainer and new mommy Carmit Bachar is best known as the sultry redhead from multi-platinum pop sensation The Pussycat Dolls. Doll2Dame launched in 2014 and is all about female empowerment! Currently she has been on tour hosting…

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I’m Sorry To All the Mothers I’ve “Worked Out” With


Maybe you caught this article in the press last month, but I just saw it today when a friend shared it on her Facebook page.  My immediate thought was, “I can sooo relate to this,” even though my work environment is a different one.  The message, however, is still the same (with a slight twist), “I’m sorry to all the mothers I’ve worked out with” (before I became a mother). If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.  In summary, PowerToFly President Katharine Zaleski was very unsympathetic to the other working mothers in her office before she became a mom herself. The…

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Coachella


Do you have that one person in your life who makes you do stuff you would have never done on your own?  I do .  . . it’s my husband, Sean.  I owe him a shout out because at this point, in our 16 year relationship, I have numerous amazing memories because he “made me do it.”  And yes, I’m adding Coachella 2015 to that list. Going to Coachella was apparently on Sean’s bucket list. Although I didn’t really protest, I was definitely not super pumped about going. I’d been warned by some of my girlfriends that it was going to…

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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


If you can’t tell by my recent videos (St. Patrick’s Day and Easter), I’m on a DIY kick!  Landon and I have so much fun working on crafts and gift ideas together, and I love sharing them with you. I don’t know about you, but I think the best gift to receive on Mother’s Day is one that your kids made themselves. So, if you get a chance, I suggest you show this video or blog to your husbands, dads, etc. so they can get some new ideas of what to give YOU for Mother’s Day. I think you’ll really love the…

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