I’m a Sucker for Snuggling


“Mama, will you snuggle with me?” Yes, this is what Landon, my 3-year-old, said to me, as I started to walk out the door the other night, in my attempt to go back to hot yoga after a year and a half break (Hot Yoga is the one thing I do not do, even when trying to get pregnant.). Maybe I should have stuck to my guns and taken the hour to myself – burned some calories, mediated, and worked on losing my post-baby weight, but when I heard his little voice behind me wanting me to snuggle up and…

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And Now the Work Begins . . .


Ugh . . . so I’m officially pronouncing it “time to lose the baby weight.” I’ve been cleared by my OBGYN. I’m starting to get used to the new balancing act of two kids. I’ve enjoyed enough of my favorite cheat foods.  But now Mama is ready to get back to feeling strong and fit and ultimately, fitting back in my own clothes again.  I’ll be honest though, I’m no more of a fan of doing this than any other postnatal woman – mostly because it takes time away from my kids, not to mention it requires a lot of willpower…

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My Beach Day Essentials


For me, going to the beach is a perfect way to balance WHAT I love with WHO I love . . . being outdoors with the sunshine on my face while I hang with family and friends.  Do I dare say perfection?!  It’s absolutely one of my favorite things about living in Santa Monica – being so close to the beach!  My husband and our 3 year old son, Landon, love building sand castles and jumping in the waves, while I’m content keeping our newborn, Liam, out of the sun and under a beach umbrella. I hope you, too, find as much joy…

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“Bullied” at the Gym (Ha!)


Word choice can be a funny thing . . . and the word “bullied” is a strong one, not to mention a “hot topic” these days. It definitely captured the attention of readers all around the world, after an interview I did, about a month ago, was published. So before Baby #2 arrives, I wanted to clear a few things up for all my family, friends, and fans, who have been asking about the articles and various quotes that circulated in over forty plus outlets. Ask ANY pregnant woman, and she will probably share with you both positive and negative…

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Flying at 38 weeks Pregnant . . . Would you? 


Some pregnant women worry about their diet, exercise regiment, sleep schedule, and/or emotional heath.  To be honest, I haven’t really given most of those things a second thought over the past nine months. I just do what I usually do, with some modifications, of course. My main worry, during this pregnancy, was about traveling. This, too, I didn’t dwell on during my first pregnancy. My husband, Sean, and I traveled all the way to Sydney, Australia when I was 5 months pregnant with my son, Landon, and I flew (moved actually) to Los Angeles 8 months preggo. This pregnancy, however, I had…

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Drinking Healthy During Preconception, Pregnancy & Nursing


About a month ago I received a package in the mail from my sister.  Two weeks behind me and sharing the same desire to be as healthy as we can through our pregnancies, she sent me the perfect gift: a bundle of prenatal juices!  Many of the juices available at some of my favorite spots in Santa Monica are unpasteurized, so I was excited to try Bundle Organics prenatal beverages, which are pasteurized for expecting moms.  They supplement prenatal vitamins with an extra bump of key vitamins and minerals for baby’s healthy development, including 200 mcg of folic acid, 100 mg…

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Simple Ways to Make the Earth a Better Place


Since this week is a celebration of Earth Day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to one of my favorite moms and bloggers, Maura Hoff! Maura is one of my role models for balancing WHAT she loves with WHO she loves. Despite living in Chicago, where the weather has been beyond unpredictable recently, Maura works to inspire her children to have a deep love of the outdoors. In April, especially, she likes to challenge herself to go above and beyond for the planet, and sometimes the things she tries are so easy, that they stick with her…

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I Love You NYC . . . but I Don’t Need You Right Now

Times Square

I’m literally just starting this journey of documenting and sharing my struggle to balance WHAT I love with WHO I love, and it’s just so ironic that we arrived in New York City today – the city that I love more than any other city on earth. NYC is the city that takes my breath away and fills my heart like no other place does.  It’s a city I walk into and immediately feel at home and excited and am filled with the most amazing memories…from my first paid dance job to our crazy shit-hole apartments to the love of…

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My New Blog


I’m sure you’ve heard it as many times as I have . . . “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I don’t think I’ve ever felt this to be more true in my life. For those of you who don’t know, I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my second child, my son is three years old, and my husband and I are about to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Needless to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time, lately, reflecting on my past, analyzing the present, and anticipating our future. What I’ve realized, more than anything, is that my…

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