Why Do You Still Look Pregnant or Appear Pregnant (Even When You’re Not)?


It’s the worst feeling ever . . . or at least it feels like it in the moment. You’ve had the baby, you started working out, you’re eating clean . . . and you still look like you just entered your second trimester. Or . . . maybe you’ve actually never had a baby and look pregnant. I’m here, as your pre and postnatal exercise specialist, and fellow mom, to tell you I’ve been there and I have some thoughts and solutions to why you look pregnant (even when you’re not). Watch this video and find out my secrets. As…

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How To “Fight” With Your Kids


If your life is anything like mine, I find myself battling it out with my oldest son, Landon, on a daily basis . . . literally.  I have a light saber or sword in hand, posing as a Hans Solo or Sir Lancelot most afternoons of the week. Check out my Instagram post of me fighting Darth Maul as I make dinner. So I thought I would take advantage of Landon’s fighting obsession and invite my good friend and MMA expert, Mike Karpenko, to come teach Landon and me some MMA moves so we can continue to “fight” each other, while Mama…

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Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month from Moms Everywhere!


In case you haven’t heard, this month is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. If you follow my blog or social media, you know that I’ve had success in nursing both of my boys and how much I support breastfeeding. I just recently had the opportunity to share My Top Reasons I Miss Breastfeeding as part of PAM’s (Pregnancy Awareness Month) tribute to Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Definitely check that out if you get a chance, but moreover, I really wanted to share with you today a recent video I made, with the help of moms from all over the United States, from New…

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What NOT To Do When Teaching Group Fitness


So last week I was back visiting my parents.  One of the luxuries of staying with my parents is having them watch the boys while I head to the gym. I’ve been to my mom’s gym a few times.  It’s more of a wellness center since it’s connected with a hospital, so it caters to people of all ages. In the group fitness classes, I’ve seen teens working out with their parents to seniors. It has a track, a basketball court, up-to-date equipment, and a large group fitness room with lots of classes.  I’ve always been really impressed with how…

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Better Booty Video

During my launch of the 14 Day Better Booty Challenge, I received several requests for the exercises on video.  So I delivered . . . I present to you The Better Booty Video. Note: You can do this challenge at any time. In case you haven’t done the challenge yet and need some convincing, here are some quick reasons why I think you should do The Better Booty Challenge, and I encourage you to invite your friends to do it along with you.  (I also encourage you to post and tag #BetterBootyChallenge, as well as which day you are on, so that…

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Exercises to Avoid Post-Pregnancy


So my two previous posts have been regarding Diastasis Recti – what it is, how to test yourself for it, and exercises that help in healing it. Although all of that is important, what is probably going to help you the most is knowing which exercises to refrain from post-pregnancy to not aggravate or cause a diastasis recti. To give you some perspective, I had my second son almost 14 months ago, and I’m still NOT doing the exercises mentioned in this video. Please, as always, let me know if you have any questions. Please share with anyone you know…

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Exercises for Healing a Diastasis Recti


Last week I shared a post and video on what a diastasis recti is and how to check yourself for it.  I appreciate how many of you responded to it or shared it, yet at the same time it confirms how much more common diastasis recti is. Although I highly encourage anyone who thinks they might have a diastasis recti to check with their OBGYN or midwife, as well as check in with a pelvic floor specialist, I thought I would share with you some exercises that are safe and suggested for diastasis recti recovery.  Furthermore, these are just amazing…

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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


Yes, that means you!  I honestly believe that everyone should check themselves for a diastasis recti, but especially if you’ve had a baby. Your first question is probably “Diastasis what?”  The short version is that diastasis recti is when the tissue that holds your abdominals together stretches and thins too much so that the right and left sides of your abdominals separate too much. Some stats say that up to 2/3 of women who’ve had babies develop a diastasis recti. Based on my experiences and training, I’m starting to hypothesize that even people who haven’t ever had a baby, who…

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The Better Body Baby Workout


I created this workout because I constantly get asked by parents for exercises they can do with their babies. It’s a quick circuit: 3 cardio exercises followed by 3 conditioning exercises. All you need is your baby and a comfortable place you can lay down (a yoga mat or carpet). Perform each cardio exercise for one minute followed by each conditioning exercise for 10-20 reps. Repeat the circuit as many times as you have time for.  Each round should last approximately 5-7 minutes. Please watch the video for details, but I’ve listed the exercises below in case you want to copy and…

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Easy Ways to Storytell with Your Kids


Unless you know me from high school, you are probably unaware that I’m the daughter of Mother Goose.  What?? Yes, my mom is a professional storyteller. Long story short, she was an elementary school teacher before she became a mom to my sister and me. She stayed at home with us and then started her own storytelling business with a program called “Mother Goose and Her Friends” when I was in high school. Twenty years later, she now has 3 different storytelling programs for kids, teaches high schoolers how to story tell, and just recently started visiting retirement homes to share her gift…

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