Maggie Yount, Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Sara’s Cardio Bump Dance prenatal workout is so much fun! I love that I can get a good cardio workout while learning some new dance moves, and use the time to connect with my baby. Sara is a great teacher and even though I’m watching her on video, I feel like she’s right there coaching me. The pace of the workout is easy to follow but still got my heart rate up and left me breaking a sweat! I also really enjoyed the Bump N Sculpt workout. It’s engaging and challenging at just the right level for me as a pregnant mama! I also found it fun and inspiring as a prenatal trainer myself. The way the workout is offered in 3 blocks allows me to dive in for a longer workout, or select one or two blocks if I’m pressed for time.Sara’s workouts are the perfect way to work out with your bump, even when you’re in your 3rd trimester like me!