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The stretches in Sara’s workout are in areas I never knew needed to be stretched, and it really set me up to be more energized in the morning. The cardio workouts were also a good challenge. I love Sara’s reminders to check in and evaluate our exertion levels. She offered so many different modifications for each exercise we did, so I never felt pressured to push beyond what would be safe.

As the former Fitness Director for Fit Pregnancy Magazine for 13 years, from inception and launch to 2006, I had the opportunity to work with amazing pre- and post-natal experts. If I had know her then, Sara Haley would have been one of my regular go-to for reliable information. Sara is a modern and extremely knowledgeable specialist in this category, with a fresh, safe and realistic approach for moms-to-be and new moms. I’ve also been fortunate to work with Sara on a few projects and I can honestly say–she is on top of her game!

With so much misinformation on prenatal and postnatal exercise, Sara is someone I am consistently referring people to. She is someone I trust when it comes to safely working out during pregnancy to avoid a diastasis recti. I love her new workouts because they mix things up, keep me from getting bored and feel like actual workouts I was doing before I got pregnant!

Sara’s Cardio Bump Dance prenatal workout is so much fun! I love that I can get a good cardio workout while learning some new dance moves, and use the time to connect with my baby. Sara is a great teacher and even though I’m watching her on video, I feel like she’s right there coaching me. The pace of the workout is easy to follow but still got my heart rate up and left me breaking a sweat! I also really enjoyed the Bump N Sculpt workout. It’s engaging and challenging at just the right level for me as a pregnant mama! I also found it fun and inspiring as a prenatal trainer myself. The way the workout is offered in 3 blocks allows me to dive in for a longer workout, or select one or two blocks if I’m pressed for time.Sara’s workouts are the perfect way to work out with your bump, even when you’re in your 3rd trimester like me!

I used Sara Haley’s full Pregnancy Workout Essentials program during my most recent pregnancy. From boxing to barre work to dance and sports drills, she provides amazing variety in the form of pregnancy safe workouts. My favorite things about working out with Sara are that she is so relatable and encouraging; it’s like working out with a friend. Sara helped me maintain my strength and stamina which totally helped me on delivery day (#tenpoundbaby).

I have produced fitness videos for many professionals. Sara’s knowledge as a pre and post-natal exercise specialist is superior to others. I recommend her programs to all of my new momma & momma to be friends.

For my second pregnancy, I knew I needed a home-based exercise program that wouldn’t bore me, that didn’t take too much time and that didn’t assume pregnant women are too weak to work hard. Expecting More is exactly that- with Sara’s sweet personality encouraging you to challenge yourself while staying safe, and 6 effective workouts to choose from, I never feel stuck in a rut. It has made all of the difference this pregnancy.

Mom of one, with one on the way

I swear by Expecting More. When I found out I was pregnant I went looking for a prenatal workout that would make me look and feel good, and I’m getting so much more than that out of this dvd. This is my third pregnancy and I didn’t want to spend it sitting around watching the weight pile on and thanks Sara Haley, I’m active, comfortable, and doing more than I thought I could do while pregnant. I’ve been sweating it out with her since I was 6 weeks along. I’m five months along now and maintaining a healthy weight and I feel great, not to mention I can keep up with my two other children! I’m so thankful for finding this DVD, and I recommend it to any woman looking to stay fit while pregnant. Finding Expecting More has altered the way I see prenatal fitness, and has changed my life.

Sandra Pena-Reyes
Mom of 3

The 4th Trimester Workout has not only given me my energy back after having baby number two, but it has helped me to close my abdominal gap (diastasis rects  from three fingers wide down to just over one finger wide. The workouts are fun, and Sara is so personable. The modifications truly make this a program anyone can do, and I love trying to challenge myself more and more each week. Thank you to Sara Haley for amazing workouts and for helping me work towards a strong #bodyafterbaby!

Stay-at-home Mom of Two

I have never been more proud of a product! Sara is such an inspiration! I not only recommend Expecting More® to prenatal and postnatal new mommies, but I also use the workouts with my own clients (Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker). I love the variety! So many options for so many women, and even a plan to help keep you balanced and on track. It’s time we all expected more of ourselves.

Anna Kaiser
co-choreopgrapher of Expecting More™ & founder of AKT INMOTION

Sara is beautiful, fun, funny but also very serious about her work! The integrity that she brings to her work is what attracted me to her as another professional trainer. She seeks to continue learn, excel and grow with her clients and create new challenges that can enhance the experience of training!

Michelle Weber
Pre/Post-Natal Specialist & Trainer

As a private yoga instructor who specializes in guiding new and repeat moms to stay fit and centered throughout their pregnancies, Sara’s Expecting More® series of DVDs is the perfect blend of strength, movement and release that keep Mom’s to be ready to step into their new adventure. It has always been a challenge to find balanced supplemental workouts for my pre-natal clients to go along with their yoga regimen…now I have the perfect gift with Expecting More®!

Allison English
Forrest Yoga Presenter

Sara Haley’s Expecting More® workouts feel like the missing piece in maternity fitness. While pregnant with my 1st child, I was very frustrated because I could not find a workout that challenged me and kept me in shape, but was also safe for my body and my baby. During my 2nd pregnancy, I was thrilled to have Expecting More® to stay fit, motivated, challenged, and safe. As a Certified Baby Planner, I only endorse products that I feel are the absolute best for the well-being of expecting moms and their babies, and I highly recommend Expecting More® to my clients!

Ali North
CEO, Sweet Expectations Baby Planner

As a trainer I am always looking to find the newest, safest & best way to help my clients that are blessed with expecting a child. I know my clients will benefit from Sara’s workouts. Each one has many levels, cued to perfection and you just can not help but love Sara! Expecting More is the total package for Expecting Moms!

Mike Karpenko
Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Expert

I have been an assistant and technical director for over 75 fitness DVDs, and Expecting More® was one of the most exciting workouts to shoot. Expecting more is extremity motivating and inspirational.  Mommies-to-be, Expecting More will be your all time favorite in your exercise DVD library.

Rachel Tonick
Fitness Production Specialist

“As an exercise physiologist and former Fitness Editor of Fit Pregnancy, I believe Expecting More® is safe, fun and provides enough challenges with modifications to satisfy the physical and emotional needs for any fit pregnant woman who loves to exercise and wants to maintain.”

Linda Shelton
Director & Fitness Advisor for Expecting More™