Traveling with Kids & More

Traveling with kids (under 5) is the worst, right? Well, actually I think the worst age is from the moment they walk until the moment they can play a game on an iPad, so somewhere in the 9 month to 36 month range. I definitely don’t have ALL the answers, but I do have a few suggestions. Since I’m traveling this week, I’m anticipating the torture, so I thought it would be a great topic for #MomTalkMondays on my Periscope broadcast at 4:44 pm PST this Monday. Please share with your mom friends and come join the conversation. I need some tips too!

As for the rest of the week, I’m going to give the Tues/Thurs workouts a rest for the time being. Instead, I promise that I will do some pop up workouts here and there, try to add some more to my YouTube channel, and of course you can always go to to get your FREE Sweat Extreme workout from me.

I am on vacation, but I do hope to pop on at 4:44 pm PST on Wednesday for my #PregnancyScope. I’ll be giving you my top 3 exercises for core strength during Pregnancy, and on Friday my boys and I will be having our weekly workout party that I hope you’ll join. I can pretty much guarantee some special guests since I’m vacationing with some pretty cool fitness peeps this week.

Landon taking pics of me on our #FunFitnessFriday scope.

Once again, if you haven’t tried Periscope and need the scoop, here it is:

[1] Download the Periscope app on your phone.

[2] Search for “SaraHaleyFit” and click follow!

[3] Join me whenever you get an alert that I’m live and watch replays online or on your phone for 24 hours.

[4] Once you’re on and watching tap the screen to give hearts for things you like. Swipe up on Android/left to right on IOS to share the broadcast.

You can also watch Periscope from a desk top by going to You just won’t have the ability to leave me comments live, though you can always tweet me @sarahaleyfit.

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