Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves

I think half of the conversations I have with other moms are about “must-haves,” the things we think we can’t live without and must share.  I love these “mom talks” because I always learn about something new that will make my life easier (or more fun) in some way.  That’s why I’ve created a new segment on my WHAT You Love WHO You Love web series called Friday Favorites.  The first Friday of every month I’ll be sharing some of my “must-haves,” in hopes that you, in turn, will also share yours.

So this month, I’m sharing my Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves.  It’s the 3 items I think every mom, in fact, every busy person, should have in their kitchen to make cooking healthier and more efficient.

Make sure to watch the video to hear about them.  Here’s my Amazon wish-list with the exact items I have.  If you have any Healthy Kitchen Must-Haves of your own, please share in the comment section below!

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