Come Chat & Workout With Me This Week!

So, last week on Periscope¬†was mostly a success. Let’s just say I tried my best. ¬†The 4:44 pm PST times worked on beautifully. I think I’ll continue to have to play with the Tuesday/Thursday 12:12 PM PST time and perhaps eventually move them to 4:44 pm PST as well, but I’ll give it a few more weeks before I decide. If you were with me last week, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment sections below.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out last week’s blog HERE, where I talk about why I love Periscope. ¬†This week’s topics and times are below, and in case you still need it,¬†here’s how you catch me on Periscope.


Here’s what you need to do to catch me (and thousands of other really cool and interesting Periscopers):

[1] Download the Periscope app on your phone.

[2] Search for “SaraHaleyFit” and click follow!

[3] Join me whenever you get an alert that I’m live and watch replays online or on your phone for 24 hours.

[4] Once you’re on and watching tap the screen to give hearts for things you like. Swipe up on Android/left to right on IOS to share the broadcast.

You can also watch Periscope from a desk top by going to You just won’t have the ability to leave me comments live, though you can always tweet me @sarahaleyfit.

¬†And now for this week’s plan

Mondays:  #MomTalkMondays 4:44 pm PST

This week¬†I’ll be talking about why you might still look pregnant (even if you’re not or never were), so send a heads up to even your non-mom friends who complain about looking pregnant. ¬†You can also shoot them over to my YouTube video that talks about it HERE.

Tuesdays: #TargetTuesdays 12:12 pm PST

This month¬†I’ll be giving you what so many of us need . . . butt enhancers! ¬†Yes, ways to target your butt! Come workout with me or watch to get some ideas. I’ll be giving you what you missed last Thursday, so just a heads up watch this in your kitchen and have a dish towel ready.

Wednesdays:  #BumpDay #HumpDay 4:44 pm PST

After all, I am a pre and postnatal exercise specialist, so I want to dedicate one scope a week specifically to what I know best. ¬†This week I’m going to be discussing again one of my number one questions. “I just found out I’m pregnant. What can and can’t I do??,” as well as “What’s up with core exercises? ¬†Can I do them even though I’m in my first trimester?” Please invite all your pregnant (especially newly pregnant) friends.

Thursdays: #ThriftyThursdays 12:12 pm PST

Sorry – THIS IS NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK. I have a date with my favorite 4 year old at Disneyland!

Fridays: #FunFitnessFridays 4:44 pm PST

Fridays will be kind of a free-for-all. My kids will be with me so expect something fun for sure. Landon always gets to choose the song, and then I choose 3 exercises to do and we dance it out. This week will be Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman.”

So that’s it. The short of it is 4:44 pm PST on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, and only 12:12 pm PST on Tuesdays this week (usually Thursdays as well).¬†I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am! Now let’s spread the word!

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