The willPower MethodĀ®

Sara has been teaching willPower & graceĀ® for over five years and is proud to be Teacher Trainer for The willPower MethodĀ®. Ā Teacher TrainersĀ are considered experts in The willPower MethodĀ®, having climbed the ranks of the willPower education system. EachĀ Teacher TrainerĀ mentors aspiring willPower instructors and develops willPower talent.Ā Teacher TrainersĀ also assist Stacey Lei Krauss in national presentations and regional educational events. Ā As a Teacher Trainer, Sara is available for phase I willPower instructor trainings, master classes, community events, willPower instructor coaching and one-on-one private sessions.

Sole TrainingĀ®

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Sole TrainingĀ® Logo | The willPower MethodA healthy, aligned and balanced body begins in your feet, and will translate through your entire kinetic chain (ankle, knee, hip, lower back).

Sole TrainingĀ® is based on a series of exercises which you can do anywhere, anytime. Learn to align your feet to enhance your posture and prevent and correct injuries. Explore reflexology methods, and increase circulation. Strengthen and stretch all ten toes, and develop flexible strength in your feet and ankles. Over time you will enjoy improved balance in daily activities and workouts, a stronger walking/ running stride, and significant reductions of foot, leg and lower back pain.

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willPower & graceĀ®

willPower & graceĀ® Logo | The willPower MethodwillPower & graceĀ® is a group exercise program created in 1999 in NYC by fitness pro Stacey Lei Krauss. It earned 4 stars from Health Magazine and holds an esteemed ECA OBOW Award.The class is now represented nationwide by skilled, inspirational fitness professionals from around the world.

A formatted fusion of postures and drills, willPower & graceĀ® is the high-energy, cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been looking for, and the foot-fitness conditioning program that athletes need. This workout is as philosophical is it is physical; a full-body functional workout meets sports psychology. We integrate the smartest and safest barefoot training methods to strengthen your feet while progressively correcting imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips. This unique workout appeals to ā€œmorning momsā€, sports athletes, and teens, but must be experienced to be understood.

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