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Designed to soothe and calm, youā€™ll breathe, stretch, and move with this expression of good will to your baby and your body, your SALUTATION.

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According to guidelines, women can continue to exercise at a moderate and safe level for them. Sara wanted to give women, like herself, who had established a high level of physical activity prior to pregnancy, an opportunity to be motivated, challenged and safe as they worked out during their pregnancies. Rather than completely removing exercises like hops, rotations and balance challenges, the program offers modifications for varying levels of pregnancy and careful explanations of how to execute exercises safely, so viewers can make informed decisions as to whether the moves are appropriate for them. Sara also addresses important topics, such as why every woman should incorporate kegels into their prenatal routine and core workouts that will help avoid diastis recti (the separation of the abdominal wall that can sometimes occur during pregnancy). The DVD includes several tools that allow users to personalize their experience, including the option to mix and match workouts or to follow a calendar for more structured trainer guidance.

Sara believes that her program will give women who EXPECT MORE out of their workouts something they can use during their pregnancies to feel strong and sexy, stay fit and have fun! Sara now has a healthy, beautiful baby boy and smiles as she looks back on her pregnancy journey. “I am so grateful that I developed this program. Staying strong and fit not only made my pregnancy easier, but it’s certainly helped me bounce back to my pre-baby body as well!”

Expecting MoreĀ® is a unique prenatal program designed for the fit and healthy mom-to-be who is looking to stay active and energized during her pregnancy. Join Sara Haley as she leads the workouts that she developed and practiced during her own pregnancy. Expecting MoreĀ® will keep you feeling sexy and strong and give you the maintenance you need to bounce back to your pre-baby body.

Expecting MoreĀ® Includes: Q&A, Calendar (to guide you through all three trimesters) & 6 different workouts.

Synergy: Create SYNERGY within your body by alternating between Sara’s signature cardio and strength exercises. 50 minutes.

Sweat Sport: Discover your inner athlete as you execute sports drills in a cardio session with modifications for all stages of pregnancy. 30 minutes.

Sweat Funk: Embrace your sexy pregnant body as you get your FUNK on with hot dance cardio moves. 38 minutes.

Sweat Strong Down: Sculpt your body DOWN on the floor in a safe and effective way that supports your core and your baby. 27 minutes.

Sweat Strong Up: Stand UP and sculpt your body in all the right places to keep you sexy and strong during your pregnancy. 20 minutes.

Salutations: Designed to sooth and calm, you’ll breathe, stretch, and move with this expression of good will to your baby and your body, your SALUTATION. 33 minutes.

Strong, Fun, Sexy | Expecting MoreĀ®


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