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Our lives are active, our personalities vibrant and our outlook bright. They’re qualities we bring to our work, our families and our sport.

Why not our activewear?

Today, PRISMSPORT offers a full range of women‚Äôs workout clothes from tops to bottoms. Our prints reference the latest trends without being ‚Äėtrendy‚Äô. And our pieces are designed to support, perform and flatter from sport to street. So embrace life in print with PRISMSPORT.

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Slideboards have been around in one form or another for over one hundred years. Slideboards continue to be one of the leading fitness tools for sports performance, home fitness, and cross training due to their immense versatility and unique ability to train you laterally. Your workouts can be very creative, effective…and fun!

To help you along on this journey, Sara has partnered with Ultraslide to develop a collection of quick and challenging slideboard exercises designed for the new ULTRASLIDE 6 foot slideboard…but they can be performed on any ULTRASLIDE slideboard!

Enter code HALEYFAN15 at checkout for 15% off any slideboard

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