Moving Through Miscarriage

with Sara Haley

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while now, but the honest truth is that miscarriage is scary, sad, frustrating, overwhelming (and so much more) . . . and I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I’m still not sure of what to say or how to say it, but I do know the best way to get there is to just start, so here I am . . .

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about this now, especially considering I’m pregnant with my fourth baby. I mean, is it even fair for me to talk about miscarriage?

The thing is I have been through it, more times than I like to say out loud. So when I’ve had women message me on social media and apologize that they couldn’t follow me during my pregnancies because they had just lost their own baby, I totally understand. When trying for a third baby and then a fourth baby, I remember unfollowing women on Instagram who had the family I was trying for because it just hurt too much to look at. So trust me, I get it. But you know what happened when women messaged me and told me their story? I got to tell them mine too, and we bonded. Sometimes they would ask me questions, like “How did you get over the fear of it not happening again?” And when I shared my answers with them, I realized that sharing my own stories of “Moving Through Miscarriage” was also helping them.

There are other reasons that I’m now sharing my stories of pregnancy loss. Mostly, I hadn’t really wanted to put it out there until I found my own way of helping others who are experiencing similar things. I’m working to create tools to help in both the physical and emotional journey of “Moving Through Miscarriage,” but as I mentioned, I’ve also realized that sometimes just hearing someone else’s story is enough. So here I am.

That said, for me, the internet isn’t the place for sharing all of this, at least not right now. It’s still too personal for me. I’d prefer the privacy of your inbox, if you’re interested. So when you share your name and email with me, I’ll send you more about why I’m doing this, my own miscarriage journeys, the tools that have helped me along the way, and the community I’m working to build.

Whether you’ve been through a miscarriage in the past, are currently going through miscarriage, or are afraid of having a miscarriage, please know that I understand what it’s like to not want to talk about it or even when you do want to, not knowing what to say. If you don’t have anyone to talk about it with, or just want to chat with someone who’s also been through it, please know that I’m here.

If anything, please just know you have a friend who’s been there. Our stories may be different but many of our feelings are the same.


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