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If you’re in need of some new inspiration for your workouts, this is for you – a FREE list of exercises that you can use to create new workouts or to just switch out a few exercises from your current routine. If you’re building a new workout, here are my recommendations:

  1. Take the first 3 exercises (the list of exercises alternates from cardio/core to lower body to upper body) and perform them in a circuit.
  2. Choose how many reps you are going to do – I recommend between 8-15 reps depending on the size weights you have.
  3. Repeat the circuit 2-4 times through, depending on how much time you have.
  4. Do the same thing with the next 3 exercises. Continue on for as much time as you have.
  5. If you haven’t already, join my private Facebook group HERE. It’s a great place to ask questions. I’ll most likely be sharing videos of the exercises here and in my Instagram Stories.
  6. Tag your own posts with #25ExercisesofSummer and @sarahaleyfit to be entered into a giveaway. Those that post 5 times or more on Facebook or Instagram will be entered in a giveaway for a deluxe fitness package (which will be awarded at the end of summer).

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